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Whimsical Newborn Session | Mount Holly NC Baby Photographer

I’m am in love with this Whimsical newborn session with sweet baby Ruby!  When I first spoke with Mom about her up and coming newborn session, she was in love with a dream catcher photo I did for another family about a year ago.  I was more than happy, and super excited to take create whimsical dream catcher photo featuring their baby girl!  I re-made the dreamcatcher to include soft pink flowers, and greenery,and rustic rope. All we needed next was for baby girl to cooperate for us and that she did!  Little Ruby was a dream baby to work with.  She was so calm and allowed me to pose while staying nice and sleepy.  For the dream catcher photo, I took two sprat images and combined them into one.  I took one photo of the dream catcher hanging, and another photo of the dreamcatcher with baby Ruby resting in it safely on top of my posing bean bag.  Then I combined the photos in photoshop to make this lovely and whimsical portrait.   It will go perfect in her woodland creature nursery.

In addition to her whimsical portrait, mom chose a beautiful lilac backdrop to photograph some additional poses with Ruby.  Did I ever mention that purple has been my favorite color since I knew the names of colors? Lets just say, I squealed a little inside when she chose this beautiful lilac fabric.  I put Ruby in a sweet little lace newborn romper for her photos and I just love it paired with the purple backdrop.  I don’t use the romper much just because of fear of baby pooing in it!!  But baby Ruby was so nice to me and pooped just before I put her in the outfit and just after I took her out.  What a good little girl!!! 🙂

Mom also wanted me to include a special butterfly necklace which is in memory of little Ruby’s grandmother, whom she was named after.   At first, I did not know how to include it so that it could be seen in a photo, then I thought about her holding the necklace in a certain pose.  I repositioned Ruby, and added the butterfly necklace in between her little fingers.  The photo came out so precious and I love how it has a very special meaning to the family.

In addition to the single poses of Ruby, we all included some family and sibling photos.  This sweet girl gave some cute smiles and she just so happed to smile at the right time during a perfect family photo!   Not to mention her super cute three year old brother!  He also was great for the photos!

Enjoy these whimsical photos!

baby girl in a dream catcherbaby girl wrapped in peach in a basket.  baby feetbaby girl on purplebaby girl on pink fur wrapped in a pink Family photobrother and sister