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Unicorn Smash and Splash | Charlotte Baby Photographer

When I received an email for a unicorn cake smash, I have to admit, I did a little squeal in my char! I absolutely love anything fairies, mermaids, and unicorns. So creating this set up was so much fun for me!

After talking with mom no specific colors, we came up with pastels. I wanted the set up to have a whimsical and magical feel, but not too over the top. One thing I knew I wanted to do purchase a watercolor backdrop. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything that I envisioned and could ship out in time. That is when I discovered a DIY for backdrops!!!! If you know me, I’m all about a good DIY> I have two young kids, so sometimes that can be a challenge, but creating a custom backdrop for the unicorn theme was a project I really wanted to undertake! I then started to research on hand painted backdrops and found specific material to purchase, as well as painting techniques to achieve the watercolor feel. I purchased thick canvas from a local fabric store, then I sewed a pocket on top of the canvas so I could hand it easily on my backdrop stand. Now it’s time for painting!! I first primed the canvas with white acrylic paint and let it dry over night. I then mixed each color with some water and white paint to water it down and give it a softer feel. I used sponges to paint on the colors in patches. Once the canvas was painted with all the colors, I then went over it with a damp sponge to rub or blend the colors together. I also added a little watered down white paint to soften the transitions between colors. After it dried over night, it lightens in color a little bit more and I felt it was perfect!

For the rest of the set up, I made clouds out of batting and spray glue and hung the clouds from the ceiling. I draped some beaded curtains I purchased from Shop Wild Things. I also used the same beaded curtain for a twin cake smash.  I have a feeling I will be using the beaded curtains for many set ups! They are defiantly a good purchase! After I hung the beaded curtain, I added some batting on the ground on top of the pink seamless paper and I stuck in some white Christmas lights to bring in more of a magical. Last, I made a cute ONE prop that mad to resemble a unicorn. Last, we added the sweet little baby girl! Mom had purchased the sweet outfit and the colors matched perfect!!! Mom also made this awesome cake!! She did a wonderful job and really brought the theme together! I jut love everything about this set up!

Sweet baby girl did was not all into her cake, which is very normal for on year olds! Many times, babies do not like to get messy, or they just are not used to sweet food. So digging into a cake is not considered a fun thing for a new one year old. But the tis ok! She took a few tastes and that is all we need. My family ate the cake the rest of the week! My 5 year old sone LOVES cake!! We ended the session with a bubble bath. She was happy in the bath, until I turned on teh bubble machine. She did not like that and quickly ended the session. Its ok! we got what we needed for the first birthday photos! I hope you enjoy!