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Soon to be Family of Six | Charlotte Maternity Photographer

This family of five will soon be a family of six in the next few weeks!  They will be welcoming their first girl into this house full of boys.

This soon to be family of six was fun  to photograph. With three young boys,  we will not have much time for photos.  We decided to meet at their country club so they did not have to travel far.  Sometimes, with multiple young kids in a photo session, I will suggest an easy location for them to travel to.  Since this family lives on a country club property, it was really easy to find a pretty spot for a 30 min session.  This spot happen to be an open lawn area on where the pool house is located.  Often, I don’t need a big massive field for beautiful photos.  Just a small slice will do. Not to mention, even though it was fall, it was still very hot and humid and the mosquitoes where out with vengeance.  A 30 min session was just enough.

With three young boys, I knew the first 10 mins was going to be the best photos. So I acted fast doing a variety of poses in a quick time.  One of my favorite shots is the “race” photo.  The boys are a little blurry due to their fast motion, but I love it because it shows what life is like with three boys in the home.  Soon to be three boys and one girl that may be just as wild and rambunctious! In the last 10 mins of the session, I took some photos of Mom next to some rose buses by the side of the pool house and snuck in some photos with just Mom and Dad as well.  I’m loving these photos and shows you do not need a 2 hour session to get wonderful portraits. I can’t wait to meet their little girl that will complete this family of six!

Family of sixMOm and her three boysall the hands on the bellyfamily of sixMom and DadMom and DadExpecting Mom in the rosesExpectant Mom in the roses