At this time Erika Michelle Photography is no loger taking new bookings. 


Erika Michelle will no longer take new bookings.  If your session is currently booked, we will proceed as scheduled. 

I have decided to go back to my career as a special education teacher.  Due to the demands of this position, I need to take a step back from the buisness.  

Thank you for your support. 

Peach Bloom Mini Sessions

In March, the gorgeous peach trees bloom and they are my most favorite places to photograph. I love the pastel pink color and the fluffy peach flowers. Spring in the Carolinas is my favorite season! I have no spring allergies, so I safely say Spring is my favorite season here! People with spring allergies will say otherwise. The Peach blooms are my favorite place to photograph, and yet most difficult to predict when they will bloom. For two years in a row, the warm temps in Feb brought on a early peach bloom season, only to have winter freezing temperatures return in March and threaten the blooms. Last year in 2017, it actually snowed on the peach blooms and sadly they did not make it, abruptly ending peach bloom mini sessions. This year, in 2018, the peach trees bloomed early and yet again the temperature dropped. My favorite orchard at Linebergers Maple Springs Farm Dallas, NC did not do well during the freeing temps, but orchards at Springs Farm Fort Mill SC survived. I had to move most of my sessions scheduled in Dallas NC to Fort Mill. In the end, it all worked out, and they made for some beautiful photos, but it is can be a stressful process to get there! Not to mention, how BUSY it can get in Fort Mill at the peach trees. In all of my photos, I had to edit people out of the background. Some were more difficult to edit than others, but it shows how incredibly busy it can get in Fort Mill during peach tree blooming time.

This year, I held two days of mini sessions in Fort Mill SC at the peach trees. It rained a little on one of my mini session days, but the overcast skies made up for the little bit of rain fall we had. The overcast skies are my favorite to shoot in since it filters the sunlight beautifully. I shot three families on one day and 5 on the other! I loved meeting and seeing many of these families again! Here are some of my favorites from each peach tree mini session. Lets hope next February and March brings some normal temps!!!

spring minis_0130.jpg
spring minis_0131.jpg
spring minis_0132.jpg
spring minis_0133.jpg
spring minis_0134.jpg
spring minis_0135.jpg
spring minis_0136.jpg
spring minis_0137.jpg
spring minis_0138.jpg
spring minis_0139.jpg