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Organic Newborn Session | Mount Holly NC BabyPhotographer

On the blog is this lovely organic newborn session with a couple I’ve known for some time now. I’ve known Brittany and Steven since before they were married!!!  I sadly could not go to their wedding because I gave birth to my son on June 1st 2012, and their wedding was June 2nd.  Fast forward 6 years and Brittany gave birth to sweet Everly Ann Haven on June 1st!!!   I know two other people who had babies on June 1st.  I think it has something to do with it being the first day of hurricane season since birth feels like a hurricane in your body! 🙂

For this special session, Brittany and Steven agreed to come to my new home studio!!!  I was so excited to try out my new space with some old friends.  I have some adjustments to make with the flow of my newborn sessions, but the in all the space worked perfectly! Sweet little Everly gave us some beautiful photos.  She had some awake periods which can be fun to photograph as well.  I was able to catch a yawn, and a tongue sticking out which I think is so fun!

One photo that Brittany had seen me do was the dream catcher.  This photo was our top priority and we were able to accomplish it!  I redesigned the dream catcher according to Brittany’s wishes and organic style.  I found the perfect stick in my back yard and had to fight some bumble bees to get it.  I swear I could hear the a bee buzzing in the stick, but when I checked it, I could not see anything.  So I brought it inside and photographed the empty dream catcher hanging from the stick. The next day, I find bumble bee on the window sill still alive.  There was a bee in that stick!  My husband and I were able shew the bee out the door with a broom.  Out of all the sticks to choose from, I had to pick the stick with the bumble bee in it.  Go figure.

Next, I took some photos of Everly in the dream catcher, then I merged these two photos together to make it look like she is hanging it it.  It is a process to create these photos but oh so worth it!

We also took some beautiful portraits of the new Mom and Dad.  I’m loving the color of dark grey Mom chose to wrap Everly in.  Lots of times , my clients will choose colors that I don’t even think about and I always end up loving the results, and I love how it reflects their styles.

Enjoy these organic and sweet newborn photos!

Newborn girl in Dream catcherBlush and Grey fabric with baby girlnewborn girl wrapped in white surrounded with succulents. newborn feet hands, and faceawake baby girl yawing and stretchingMom and baby girlMom and Dad with newborn baby girlDad and newborn baby girlMom and newborn baby girl