New Baby Brother | Mattews NC Newborn Photographer

Today on the blog is this sweet little boy in baby blue. I love baby blue for boys as it is a classic and fresh color. We first started with some sibling photos. Big brother was an absolute doll and his kissed his baby brother without any encouragement. I think I got more kissing photos than smiling photos 🙂 I think these two will have lots of fun in the coming years. We then moved into some poses of the baby. Mom had some special items she wanted incorporate into the session such as the monogramed blanket and sweet little hat. I just LOVE babies in hats and I’m so glad mom did too!!! My favorite photo is the baby blue pom pom hat in the bucket! Baby boy was super comfortable in the bucket and slept soundly. It happen to be my last pose of the session, and he was just so comfortable and calm, Mom did not want to take him out! Don’t worry, baby boy was NEVER left in the bucket unattended and of course we did take him out. 🙂

One neat little feature that Mom pointed out was baby boy’s little bent toe. She said it is a genetic trait that other family members have as well. I wanted to capture this sweet little feature and baby boy just happened to spread out his little toes perfectly revealing his little bent toe. Genetics are so interesting and it is just so neat to see how traits like a bent toe will be passed down generations. Enjoy these sweet baby boy photos in baby blue!