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Lucky Little Panda Smash and Splash | Gastonia Baby Photographer

It is fitting that my first session of 2018 was as Panda theme first birthday.  In China, the Panda bear is a symbol of peace and good fortune, so to have a Panda theme as my first session this year means just that!  Peace and good fortune!

The nickname of Panda was given to Dad when he was a child, and when he found out he was going or be a Daddy himself, their little baby was also given the nickname of Panda.  This sweet boy was called Panda since the womb! It made perfect sense to bring the Panda theme into the first birthday shoot.  I have to admit, when Mom came to me wanting a Panda theme cake smash, I was really not sure how to create a classy and sweet set up.  I first went to Pinterest and searched for some ideas.  I found many ideas, but nothing that I wanted for the cake smash.  Originally, we decided on  a black and white set up, then one day, driving home from church, I spotted a ton of bamboo growing in my town.  I hit my husband on the arm and said “Bamboo!!!!  Yes!!!”  Later that afternoon, I was at the bamboo cutting some stalks down with my loppers in 20 degree weather.  I may have gotten a few stares, but the outcome was so worth it!

We first started with a a few family photos. I always like to include a few photos with Mom and Dad with the first birthday portraits just because I feel it is important for Parents to be photographed with their children. Mom and Dad have worked hard to make it through the first year and they deserved to be recognized!  IT was a very cold morning, so the family photos did not last long, then we moved inside for the cake smash.  This little Panda was a very careful and delicate smasher 🙂  He liked licking the frosting with on index finger.  Once he seemed finished with his cake, we moved into the splash portion. He was also a very careful splasher!  He enjoyed the bubbles and we got some nice smiles out of him!


Mom and Dad Tickle baby boyOne year old cake smash Panda themeOne year old cake smash Panda themeOne year old cake smash Panda theme, eating his cakeOne year old cake smash Panda theme, licking his fingerOne year old cake smash Panda theme, liking his fingerOne year old cake smash Panda theme, a finger in a cakeeye lashesOne year old cake smash Panda theme,One year old cake smash Panda theme, taking a bubble bathOne year old cake smash Panda theme, taking a bubble bath