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Little Pumpkin | Gastonia Newborn Photographer

Meeting this sweet little pumpkin was such a joy!!  Mom contacted me back in July to book a newborn session and mentioned that they were waiting to find out the gender.  While we couldn’t plan to much for colors until the baby arrived, one thing Mom really wanted was a photo featuring pumpkins since his nickname was pumpkin thought out the nine months.  His due date was also the beginning of October, so incorporating pumpkins into his sessions was a must!!

A big surprise for Mom and Dad, this little pumpkin arrived on his due date!!! How exciting for them to have waited nine months and be surprised with a sweet little boy!  That takes a lot of patiences but so exciting at birth!  To plan for little pumpkins newborn session, I had lots of ideas in my mind, but I decided to go with a simple and classic set up with some mini pumpkins and some moss.  I also purchased this sweet tiny pumpkin from The Dainty Meadow for baby boy to hold and it just made the photo!  Mom brought in this super cute pumpkin had that works beautiful with the set up!  I love it so much I’m tempted to buy it from mom, but I’m sure she wants to keep it for memories 🙂

We started the sessions the pumpkin set up. He slept like a charm for all the wrapped photos. I will usually layer my wraps so I can easily go from one set up to another without having to rewrap the baby and wake them.  He did beautiful for the wrap poses, but once I took the last wrap off, he woke  up!! Some times that happens. Since he was awake and content, I rewrapped him and took some shots on the blue blanket all bright eyed.  Those shots can be tough to get but when I get one or two, its so adorable.

Since he was awake, I went onto parent poses.  Lots of times with babies are awake, doing parent and family poses during that time will help comfort them back to sleep since they are wrapped and in Mom and Dad’s arms.  that is just what happed for this session.  We then continued with a bucket set up and a few poses on the blue blanket.  I’m so in love with this pumpkin session!! I hope to see little pumpkin again!




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