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Little Aviator Smash and Splash | Charlotte NC Baby Photographer

This fun and adventurous little Aviator was one of my best cake smashers to date!   Not only did he destroy his cake, he splashed all the water out of the wash basin!!

Mom contacted me about first birthday aviator theme and also wanted to take the hot air balloon photo.  The hot air balloon photo is something I’ve been working to perfect and I welcomed the opportunity to work on my hot air ballon prop again.  The hot air balloon prop is actually a clear beach ball covered in white jersey knit fabric and I used a large embroidery hoop to attach the fabric to the beach ball.  Then I used red ribbon to make the stripes and attached dowels to a basket and to the hoop.  This time, if did not fall apart!!! This is my 5th hot air balloon photo, and this is the first time my prop actually worked!!

Mom also wanted to incorporate the aviator theme into the cake smash. So we decided to take the hot air balloon as a operate photo, and use use aviator/ travelers props for the cake smash.  I absolutely love this theme and love how al the props turned out.  I took a trip to good ol’ hobby lobby and found some trunks, and small suit cases as well as some metal antique looking airplanes!!  I also hit happen to have an old globe in my home that tied the aviator theme in perfectly.

On the day of the session, we met at a very crowded park in Ballantyne.  It also happen to be prom weekend and this particular park was full of people taking prom photos!  Luckily, most of them had left before we started out cake smash session.  We first started with some family poses and then we moved into the hot air balloon photo.  Mom had this super sweet aviator outfit that was perfect!  Little man was all smiles for the entire session!  We then moved into the aviator cake smash and this little guy wasted no time digging into his cake.  He is so full of life and serious did not cry one bit during the 1 hour session!  That is incredible for a 1 year old close to bed time!!!  Last we ended the session with a bath and this little aviator had so much fun splashing around.  The only reason I had to stop the session was because we were losing light!  Little man would have kept on going!  Enjoy this fun and sweet aviator photo session!

family of three with Azelas busheslittle aviator in a hot air balloonAviator theme birthday photo sessionaviator cake smash session for a little boyaviator cake smash session for a little boyaviator cake smash session for a little boyaviator bath session for a little boyaviator bath session for a little boy