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Family of Boys | Rock Hill SC Newborn Photographer

I have photographed this family of boys ever since their first boy was a newborn!  In fact, they were my second newborn session ever!  I am so grateful they have stuck with me all these years. Not to mention how much my photography has grown a little over three years.

For this special newborn session, I had the chance to meet their newest boy.  That means they have three boys three years and under and another 6 year old half brother!  That is A LOT of boys!  Mom has defiantly earned the title of Boy Mom!  With three little ones sometimes photo sessions do not go as planned.  The two boys were not into photos on this day, but we somehow managed to get a few family photos and one photo of all the siblings together.  I needed to do some photoshop magic to achieve a photo of all of them together.

After family photos, we moved into single prorates of the newest brothers.  Mom and Dad are big Gamecocks fans, and for each of their son’s, they have a Gamecocks baby hat.  Also, for each of the three boy’s newborn sessions, we used the same mouse or teddy bear hat.  I think it is so sweet to see all the boys together wearing the same hat! I can defiantly see the similarities! Baby boy was such a great sleeper.  Even with all the commotion going around him, he slept like a champ and we got some great photos!

Here are some of the photos from the session.  I included a photo of three bothers wearing the mouse hat in each of their newborn sessions.