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Family Heirlooms | Charlotte Newborn Photographer

I had the sweetest newborn session with some special family heirlooms. Mom wanted to incorporate two swathers she wore as a child, a sweet little pink dress given to her by her grandmother, and a special wedding veil.  Mom’s wedding veil is lined with special lace that was also used in her grandmother’s wedding attire.  Moms hope is to use the lace in baby Ava’s wedding years down the road.  I’m happy to incorporate some of these special family heirlooms in to the session.


We first started out with some sibling photos.  Baby Ava come into the studio wide away and she has some big eyes!  After a feeding, and a good wrapping, she fell asleep just enough for some sibling photos, family and parents.  She must really like being wrapped, because as soon as I slowly unwrapped her, she woke up.  I had planned a photo with my heart bowl since February and mom mentioned she loved the color red.  Knowing it would be a spring photo, I wanted to incorporate some kind of a spring element that is also red.  Tulips!  Tulips come in lots of colors, one being red!! I have to say that finding these tulips was not an easy task.  I went to a number of stores, finally I found some at a grocery store!  My poor daughter was starting to get car sick with all the stopping and going.  Thankfully our last stop I was able to find some or this image would not have come out like I wanted.  I love the red color along with the heart, but the touch of spring with the red tulips!

Next we went into photos with the wedding veil.  Baby Ava was not a fan of being unwrapped and wanted nothing to do with the veil.  But after a lot of patiences, swaying, shushing, patting, we were able to get a few with teh veil!  Literally, she woke up after about 15 secs, So glad I was able to get one with her and the veil! Since she was already away, the last photo was in the pink dress. I quickly set up a bowl with some white fluff for her to lay on and waited for her to look up in my direction.  I was able to get one sweet photo of her with her big eyes and pink dress.


Enjoy !!

baby girl and big brotherbaby girl in red in a heart bowlbaby girl in mom's veil on purpleFamily of fourMom and Dad with baby girlMom and baby girlMom and baby girlDad and baby girlbaby girl in heirloom sweatersbaby girl in a pink dress