At this time Erika Michelle Photography is no loger taking new bookings. 


Erika Michelle will no longer take new bookings.  If your session is currently booked, we will proceed as scheduled. 

I have decided to go back to my career as a special education teacher.  Due to the demands of this position, I need to take a step back from the buisness.  

Thank you for your support. 

The Create Your Own Collection has 3 steps to follow.

1. Choose your product

2. Choose your digitals

3. Add ons.

Investment begins at $740

**Please listen to the video to learn more! 

Please click on the arrows to view product description  and pricing.

A creative fee of $200/$300 is due at booking. The creative fee includes: 

  • Session date and time
  • Permits and location fees
  • Use of growing library of props and gowns
  • Pre-consultation
  • Ordering and reveal appointment
  • Delivery of products

The creative fee does not include products or digital photos,  as these are purchased separately.

View More Product Examples here!!!


Click here to view more product examples!!!! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell just the digitals?

As a full service studio, I help my clients through the entire experience, from taking the photos to displaying your photos.  While I do provide digital photos, this is not the only way to enjoy your images. I have chosen quality labs and products from around the world to work with and offer. If you are looking for only a few digital photos and no artwork or products otherwise, I do offer my Petite collection.

Can I have all the photos, even unedited photos?

With the Create Your Own Collection, you will have 15-30 beautifully edited and enhanced photos. Each image is hand-edited. Every newborn flake, scratch, out of place hair and other blemishes are removed, and artistic enhancements are applied to each image, one by one. I do not provide or include un-edited or raw photos in your final gallery.  Many times, I avearge 200-1300 photos depending on the type of session. There is no need for you to have that many photos. I will select the best photos for you to view and choose. 

What if I'm moving or renting, and am not ready to print my photos?

The beauty of Create Your Own Collection is that you choose a product that best fits your lifestyle. For those not in their "forever home" the album is the perfect way to display your memories in the present, while also allowing you to take them with you from home to home! I also have a lovley portrait box perfect for those that love wall photos but are moving from home to home.  

Does your booking fee include the digitals?

My creative/session/booking fee does not include artwork or digital photos. Those will be purchased separately at your ordering appointment. The booking  fee  includes your pre consultation, session day, and our ordering appointment . Your session fee will also go towards the purchase of specific props or permits for your session.

Can I skip step one in the Create Your Own Collection?

The Create Your Own Collection is a combination of tangible product and digital photos.  A product must be purchased to be eligible for your digital photos.  If you are looking for only digitals, and you do not wish to purchase a product,  then I offer the petite collection. 

What if my baby cries?

I take great care in the comfort of your baby.  We take breaks to allow your child to feel comfortable with me.   If your child is unconsolable, then I will determine if a reshoot is necessary. A reshoot is the last possible resort but is an option if needed.   

Can I have an online gallery to think about my photos.

Online galleries are provided after a purchase has been made.  I will provide a gallery of your photos with final enhancments and retouching, ready for download and sharing.  I do not provide online galleries for photos not purchased.