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Airplane theme cake smash | Charlotte baby photographer

Putting together this airplane theme cake smash was a delight.  I love the colors of Aqua and red that mom chose.  It is different color scheme than I I’ve seen before and i love it!!  My six year old son loves airplanes.  In fact we have a member ship to the carolinas aviation museum!  It’s his favorite place!  So when I told my son he can help with with a airplane theme cake smash, he was all for it!  He helped me pick out some metal airplanes from hobby lobby with the deal he can have them AFTER the session.  He was ok with that!

In additional to the airplane theme cake smash, Mom also wanted a hot air ballon photo!  I love these photos and this was my fifth hot air balloon photo I’ve done!  The actual taking of photo does not take long, the real work comes in with photoshop merging photos together to make it look like it’s floating. I take a photo of baby in the basket, then we take the baby out of the basket and I have mom and Dad hold the balloon up so I can get the bottom of the basket in the air.  Then I merge the photos together in photoshop and make it look like the baby is flying!  They are fun to do and quickly becoming one of my signature photos!

For every cake smash session, I include a quick 10 min family session.  I feel that this is a good time to get the family together for photos.  Mom and Dad worked hard that first year and deserve to be recognized!  We started with a few quick photos of the family.  I can get a lot of different types of poses in 10 mins, and lucky for me, baby boy was in a good mood!  We then took a quick 5 min drive to my studio for the cake smash portion of the session.  At first baby boy was very active and did not stay long in the set up.  But with a little baby shark from dear ol’ Alexa and we were able to get some great fun shots!  I think baby boy’s favorite part was the splash portion of the session! He just about splashed all the water out of the bath tub!!


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