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A Little Blessing | Mount Holly NC Newborn Photographer

I’m so excited to share these photos of a sweet little blessing!  I know Mom and Dad from our church and have been in the same small group for a little over a year.  When she announced they were expecting, I was so thrilled for them and was hoping the would approach me for a photo session of their little blessing and I’m so glad they did!!! Back in March, we took some peach tree maternity photos. The pink peach blossoms served as a perfect backdrop for a Momma expecting a little girl.

This little sweetie arrived a week late, but she is worth every min, hours, days, months, and years of waiting!  She truly is a blessing to this little family and I’m honored to have captured this time in their lives.

Before baby girl arrived, Mom and Dad had two  Golden Retriever blessings named Wall-E and Eva.  One photo we wanted to get was one of all three of their blessings in one photo.  Wall-E and Eva were little excited to have a visitor, so getting a photo of them was a challenge, not to mention a newborn baby.  For this photo, I took some photos of Wall-E and Eva next to an empty bucket.  It was no small task to get these two to sit for even a half a second, somehow we managed!  I then took a photo of their newest blessing in the bucket and combined these photos together in photoshop.  I’m so glad we were able to get one photo of the three together!

After the photo with the dogs, we moved into single poses of the baby.  Before the session, we talked about colors, and Mom wanted teals, purples, neutrals, and a pink tutu!  So to incorporate all the colors, I plan a set up for each color.  The first set up was a light purple set up the mom had requested.  I have to say I am a big fan of purple, always have been!  I’m naturally drawn to purple set ups 🙂  Then we moved into a teal set up which was the bucket photo with the dogs!!  I also took a photo of her on a teal chair.  I hope to take her photo in the same chair when she is a year old to really show her growth.  Next we moved into some on the bean bag.  I made this sweet little pink tutu for her and ever so carefully wrapped it around her tiny body. Tulle is very scratchy, so I put a pink wrap on her first so the tulle would not touch her skin.  Then I was able to slip the tutu off and get some beautiful photos using neutral colors.  We got all of Mom’s favorite colors into the session!

After single poses of the baby, we moved into some parent poses.  We first took some photo in their master bedroom, which had AMAZING natural light!  My favorite shot is the photo a close up photo of Mom and her little girl with some lovely backlight.

Sweet baby girl did wonderful for her session!  She slept most of the time and only stopped once for a feeding!! She did great and I’m so thrilled to deliver these photos to the family!

two golden retrievers and a baby girlbaby girl in purplebaby girl close up photosbaby girl in a pink tutu, and teal bucket

baby sleeping pm a teal chairbaby girl on a cream blanketfamily of threefamily of threefamily of three